Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do Contests Get Any Sweeter?

DUDE you have to check this out. In my Twitter wanderings I came across a really, really cool contest hosted by J. A. Souders on her blog in celebration of her three-book deal with Tor Teen (yay!). And how can I NOT love anything having to do with a fellow fantasy writer ALSO NAMED JESS!!??

 Anyway, there are TWO prize packs--and I'm not just talking a free e-book or a 5$ Amazon card. I'm talking loaded buckets of really cool stuff. Example:


Now if THAT doesn't make you drool, you better hie yourself to the nearest clinic and ask your doc to check your pulse because you MAY IN FACT BE AN ANDROID!

Anyway, you should really head over there and help Jess celebrate this incredible achievement! You have till Dec. 5 so SPREAD WORD.


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