Thursday, May 5, 2011

Awesome websites!!

They tell me one of my greatest navigational tools for the journey to publication is the internet.  I said, "Hrm..." and raise a skeptical brow. But I am beginning to see the light--because of these two website I recently joined. Many of the sites I've looked at are just annoying and unhelpful, but these two really are useful and have already helped me a lot as I am now in the querying stage of The Heiress of Rhiangar. is free and has a huge database of agents - and tons of stats and info on them I've not seen anywhere else. It helps you organize your queries as they go out and come back. It's basically my homepage now whenever I open up GoogleChrome. provides some fabulous forums that are used by some really great folks with insightful comments and honest critiques. Already my query is waaaaay better and I've only gotten a few comments! I'm excited about keeping up with this site.

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