Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Two Kickoff Party!

Yeehaw! It's a party of three--my computer, me, and a glass of freshly brewed Southern-as-can-be sweet tea.

What am I celebrating? I'm officially starting Book Two of the Thorn Chronicles! It's a thousand-words-every-day-and-more-if-possible campaign that should see the book finished in about three months.

So far? 1300 words. They'll probably all be rewritten, as it's been my experience that the first few chapters get the most revision work, but hey--you can't revise what ain't been writ yet.

I've sent 15 queries this past week. Whew! Gotten a few swift rejections :( but one very good response that's had my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for a couple days now. Waiting on responses is killing me. So I have to fill my time. Thus, I've been working on planning the rest of the series and when I exhausted that, I decided to get on with book two.

Well, this post has taken me away from said writing, so I'd better hightail it on back to MS Word. :-'

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