Thursday, May 19, 2011

Website Update

I recently updated my website's poetry page! Until now almost all of my 250+ poems have been stored on a certain online poetry site that really went downhill in the past few years. The site got so bogged down in advertisements and just bad programming that I couldn't even get my stuff off of it. Talk about frustrating! Finally I was able to download my whole collection, thankfully, and so I was able to post a few on my site.

It's been a couple of years since I seriously wrote poetry. Ever since I started Heiress, prose has devoured my free time with the appetite Godzilla has for innocent bystanders. Looking back, most of my attempted poetry was total crap, but there are a few pieces that don't make me cringe when I read the first few lines, and some of those are what I posted.

Poetry is a good discipline every writer should at least try at one time or another. It stretches your descriptive powers, makes you think outside the box. It shakes up your rhythm and diction a little and can really bring variety to your prose, in my opinion. No room for cliches in poetry!

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