Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Waiting Game

The queries are out.
Gotten a few nibbles.
Now... I wait.
...and wait.

It's torture. Especially when you've got a partial or two out there and all you can do is sit and gnaw your nails with impatience while the Powers That Be hem and haw over life's work.

So, in the meantime, I try to distract myself with these things:

They say it's one of the best. I read Bell's Revision and Self-Editing and emptied my highlighter onto its pages, so when I found his other book for 5 buck in an antique store I decided to go for it.

I saw this (same antique store, yeah) and thought "Hey! That's perfect!" Until I found the page that had to explain what an email was. My heart dropping, I flipped back to the front and found it was published in 1997. :( Normally not a problem, but then on the next page I was advised to never, NEVER send an email query to an agent. Huh? (O.o)7 Because, nowadays, most agents prefer email queries. *sigh* I guess this book will go on that bottom corner of the bookshelf I never look at again. :-/

Because, honestly, is there a better way to spend your time? 
I submit there is not.

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