Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ender's Game: The Movie

This is really happening, folks!

News that Orson Scott Card's beloved sci-fi classic Ender's Game is coming--finally--to the big screen is not really news at all. It's been in the works for years. But they're signing cast members right and left, so I think it's safe to say we can start getting excited. I know I am. Ender has been at the top of my books-that-must-be-made-into-films list for years. Years. Guys. I'm kind of freaking out about this. If you're an Ender fan, then you are too. Or you should be, anyway, because here is your cast list so far:

Asa Butterfield
(He's great. He's really, really great. I remember seeing him guest star on a few episodes of Merlin (great show, love me some BBC) and I was like, Whoa, this kid is good. He needs some big screen time. Hey, presto. There you are. So excited. Great choice. 

Hailee Steinfeld
(I LOVE this girl. She ROCKED True Grit. I want to write a book just so it can be made a movie just so she can star in it. Plus, she was homeschooled--WORD! Anyway. Moving on.)

Brendan Meyer Headshot - P 2011
Brendan Meyer

ALSO: we have a release date. So go ahead and start counting down, my fellow Dragon Army soldiers, because Ender's Game is scheduled to hit theaters March 15, 2013.

So. Only a little over a year to go. I know, it's gonna be a long, hard wait. But it's happening at last! 


I'm so freakin' excited. I think I'm gonna go re-read the book, now. 


Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Hunger Games poster!

So. Psyched. About this new Hunger Games poster. Goosebumps much? O_O

Ryan G. loves YA too!

Okay, so I'm not a huge Ryan Gosling fan or anything, but the tumblrs devoted to him do crack me up. And this one is most definitely my favorite:

(originally on Taherah Mafi's blog)