Saturday, January 1, 2011

where am I now?

At this stage in the process, I have just finished the manuscript of Heiress, the first book in the Thorn Chronicles. I did a rough proofread and immediately sent it out to readers. (BTW, still need more people to read the draft and give feedback! Go to to sign up). 

While I wait for feedback from readers, I'm working on creating a list of agents to send queries to. That's a lot of work! There's so much out there, and so much of it is scams. So I'm trying to equip myself with the knowledge to know who is a real agent and who is trying to rip me off. This website had a lot of good info on that:

Once I start getting feedback, I'll make necessary revisions to the ms and once I feel the story is perfect, I'll do the fine-comb proofreading, checking grammar, spelling, etc.

Is this the right order of steps to take to publication?

I hope so; at any rate, I'm open to learning more. I've been dreaming about being a real author since I was four, and this is the closest I've ever been.

But still so far to go!

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