Monday, May 2, 2011

Query Time! Aaaagh!

I never thought I'd actually reach this stage. But I've redrafted The Heiress of Rhiangar (yes, I've gone back to the old title. Heiress was just too... harlequin) 6 times and that, in my opinion, is enough. I don't want to edit it to death. I grew curious today as to how much of Rhiangar is still original, organic writing - you know, the stuff that poured out for the first time and stayed that way. And with something of a shock, I realized only one scene is still even remotely the same as the first time I wrote it. Wow! So really, I've probably written the equivalent of two books. Sheesh. Well, it has been four years in the making.

Anyway, I hunted around the internet for good agent databases, and started out copy-and-pasting from But then I came across and signed up for an account. Basically it does what I would have use three different programs to do - has a huge database of agents, let you build your own unique database of agents particular to your work, and then helps you organize and track your queries and submissions as they go out and come back in. Suh-weeeeet! :0)

Anyway, so I've got 42 agents in my database--geez Louise--and now, as I finish the final fine-tooth polish of Rhiangar, I'll also be focusing on my query.

Truth be told, the Query-monster terrifies me. Thankfully, I have many books and websites to hold my hand. :0)

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