Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I Read This Week

One of my goals while waiting for feedback on my queries is to read, read, read, and in all of that reading, particularly look for obscure fantasy that's at least ten to twenty years old. Like wine. Sweetly aged.

Here's some of what I found, devoured, digested, and loved:

Okay, if you haven't read anything by Lois McMaster Bujold yet, STOP reading this blog, put everything else down, and hie yourself to the nearest library/Barnes&Noble/ and please, please, please start reading the first thing of hers you can lay your paws on. Because, as Anne McCaffrey put it, "BOY, can she write!" This woman is fast becoming one of my literary heroes. Her Miles Vorkosigan Saga (which I discovered while Googling any fantasy with an MC named Miles, just to be sure I wasn't stepping on any toes, and her series is so far above mine I have no worries, plus it's sci-fi) will leave you breathless. Chalion won the Mythopoeic Award--which is one of the awards I myself most covet. Anyway. READ her. She will change the way you write. In a good way. Like, a really good way.

Okay, so who ever heard of THIS guy? Me, either, at least, not until I was idly haunting the local used bookstore and found a very slender little volume tucked away in the corner. This isn't the edition I found, by the way; mine is older, with a unicorn on the front. Anyway, it wasn't mind-blowing or anything, and you could probably read it in an hour or two. But it's like a lost volume of Narnia or something; the voice is so similar to C. S. Lewis as is the structure, plot, and characters. Anyway, it's a fun, quick read, quite refreshing after all the heavy-handedness of today's fantasy literature.

Okay, so this one's not twenty years old. But it's SOOKIE STACKHOUSE! :) Not at all the best of the series, but hey, it's new and fresh, and--whoa, almost wrote a spoiler. Okay, will just say, as ever, I adore Sookie (who doesn't love a Southern gal-small and sweet but made of steel and magnolias) and will remain an avid fan until (heaven forbid) the series should conclude.


  1. Oh, man Bujold seems to be haunting me. The other day a friend of mine kept urging me to read The Curse of Chalion over coffee. Yesterday an elderly gent whose used bookstore I frequent told me that he has a copy of it and that he found it "quite enjoyable" (high praise from a man who has conceivably read most books I care to name).

    And now this blog post.

    Ah, well. Guess I'll have to check it out, lest I become paranoid. :)

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