Friday, January 3, 2014

Operation: Vitro

VITRO releases in 10 days, and to count down, I'm running an epic online contest. If you played Origin Olympics back in 2012, you already know what's coming...

The idea is, everyone wins. That's right. Everyone who plays is guaranteed to win prizes. In addition, I'm offering signed books, new swag, and even a new Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader with a gift card, so you can fill it up with some great new reads!

To start winning prizes, all you have to do is visit By doing so, you'll become an intern for Corpus, the enigmatic corporation behind the experiments in both Origin and Vitro. Once you start the contest, you'll be approached by an unknown individual seeking to expose some of Corpus's dark secrets--secrets that only YOU will have access to. Accept the mission and begin the game--the prizes await you at the other end.

And to top everything off, I'm launching Operation: Vitro with something completely new and awesome: a book trailer for Vitro! Watch the trailer, click the link below it, and get started.

You have 10 days to complete the game. Your time starts at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.




  1. Holding an online contest is a great way to engage an audience! Who knows, you might even pick up some new ones through word of mouth, or in the case nowadays, FB share. And in that case, everyone wins! Aside from giving everyone a good time, I hope this furthered your reach, and that everyone was satisfied with the results afterwards. Take care!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild

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