Monday, July 14, 2014

KALAHARI--Cover Reveal!

Hi guys! I'm so thrilled to share with you the cover for my upcoming book, KALAHARI! The book is scheduled to hit shelves next February, but one lucky winner will receive an early copy in the giveaway below!

Why this cover?

We threw around a LOT of ideas for this book, but kept coming back to the idea of this incredible place--the Kalahari region of southern Africa--where the book is set. While I was in Botswana doing research last summer for the book, I spent every evening marveling at the incredible colors and silhouettes created by the sunsets over the grasslands, and felt that this image was a truthful, evocative representation of the scenery that so inspired me (and which made pictures super fun!)

What I love...

... about this cover is that it immediately conjures the beauty and the drama of the Kalahari setting, and the models representing the characters of Sam and Sarah are spot on! Adventure, survival, and romance are all important aspects of this story, and this image captures that so well. I was so thrilled when I first saw it--I instantly saw my story! The vibrant colors, the weathered texture, and the cool fonts were just icing on the cake.

About the Book

KALAHARI tells the story of Sarah Carmichael, a girl who has lived in one remote location after the next with her zoologist parents. Sarah is an expert on animals, speaks multiple languages, and is well versed in survival skills--but when it comes to talking to teens her own age, she's awkward and shy. Now, just six months after her mother was killed in an auto accident, Sarah and her dad are hosting a two-week safari for five city kids. Sarah dreads the trip, but when one of their guests turns out to be handsome, friendly Sam Quartermain, she wonders if it might be so bad after all.

But things quickly take a turn toward disastrous after Sarah's father disappears and the kids are left on their own. After fleeing from an attack by murderous poachers, they discover a ruined Corpus laboratory deep in the Kalahari--where a lethal engineered virus has escaped and turned the local animals into crazed, bloodthirsty monsters. Desperate to cover up the terrible pathogen they created, Corpus is determined to eliminate all witnesses to their catastrophic experiment--and Sarah, Sam, and the other kids are first on their list. Hunted by mercenaries, hit men, and an infected lion, Sarah must summon the strength and wits to stay alive in one of the world's most deadly deserts...but in the ruthless wilderness of the Kalahari, there is no water, no safety, and no place to hide.

Pre-Order the Book

KALAHARI is available for pre-order in e-book or hardcover from these sellers!


I've got signed copies of my previous books ORIGIN and VITRO up for grabs, along with an advance copy of KALAHARI (to come as soon I have it!) All these go to one lucky winner, so complete as many entries as you can below for the best chances of claiming these prizes!

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  1. I want it now! I can't wait to read it!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! That is such a pretty cover and the synopsis is great and can I honestly wait until February? Nope! And Origin and Vitro up too?? Wow I'm so stoked for this giveaway!

  3. Dang! The cover + synopsis have me hooked. Plus, I love ORIGIN and VITRO, so I kind of already knew I'd want to read this one. But I'm a sucker for survival stories, and this one kind of makes me think of THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS. Ready for it!

  4. Sigh. This cover is gorgeous :D I love love love it. <3 And omg, I just cannot wait to read this book :D SO excited.

  5. Ahhhh!! What a beautiful cover!! I love it! Captures the setting so perfectly and takes me right back to Africa!! Can't wait to read it! xx

  6. LOVE it! Beautiful cover and love that you are in the same world as the other two books. :D

  7. I seriously squealed when I saw this cover. Thankfully, I was alone in my house lol!
    I love everything about it--the font, the shading, the texture, the placement...! It's fantastic. :goes off to pin onto virtual library board:


  8. I love her books! I so want to win this!

  9. i read it its such a good book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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