Thursday, June 21, 2012

Origin Jacket Cover!!

Do you know what this is?
THIS is the final cover art for the Origin hardcover! Gaze upon it! For it is a thing of beauty and wonder! 

Those Penguinistas are absolute wizards, seriously. THIS IS AWESOME and I got goosebumps when I saw it. Wait--the computer it telling me goosebumps isn't a real word. That's a load a bull if I ever heard it. It is now telling me Penguinistas also isn't a word. The impudence. If Shakespeare had had auto spell, the computer would have blown up in his face. Honestly. Someone, please, explain to my computation machine that goosebumps is an accepted and respected member of the English vocabulary! 

Wow. I really went off topic there. Many apologies.

*Grabs wheel and wildly steers back onto the road*

Okay. Where were we? Oh, yeah.

THE COVER. AH. I love it! LOVE IT. 
I've broken it up below so you can actually read the wordage going on here, because it is also pretty rad.

Okay. Enough now. I must away, because in six hours I'm leaving for the airport to FLY TO CALIFORNIA for the American Library Association annual conference--and it'd be lovely to get some sleep first. Though such sleep is highly unlikely considering the insane amount of caffeine I've consumed in the past five hours. (One frappucino, three glasses of sweet tea).



  1. Looks awesome! I love how girl is a blank cutout. Very cool. :D

  2. I love, love, love this! Oh my gosh. You must be so excited! Congratulations, Jessica! :D

  3. Lovely! You DO have wizards working for you, don't you??? LOL Hope you have fun in CA :D

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