Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pinfic Giveaway


Now Closed. Thanks for entering!

Read the entries!

(You do NOT have to enter all five days to be eligible to win! So even if you miss one, two, or four days of the contest, don't let that stop you! Send as many or as few entries as you want! Even if you don't enter until Friday, that's fine! One entry is better than none!)

You asked, and I happily oblige! I'm running another Pinterest themed contest! This one is a little different from June's contest, so be sure to read all the rules carefully to see what has changed. We're mixing it up a little, throwing in some new awesome prizes, and bringing in four top secret guest judges (yes, they are all YA authors! Some new debuts and some familiar faces!) 

Here's how this Pinfic contest works:

1. Each day, I'll reveal a judge here on my blog.
2. Your job is to write a 500-character Pinfic* entry for that judge, based on that judge's chosen theme. For example, if my judge is Joe Schmoe, and Joe's theme is "Comedy," you must first browse Joe's Pinterest boards, select a pin, and submit a 500-character comedy-themed paragraph to ME. I'll post your entry on MY Pinterest, on a board titled "Joe's Entries." Then Joe will look at all of his entries and pick his favorite. That favorite will become one of the week's 5 winners. Of the five winners, ONE will be chosen through random selection and be named the Grand Pinfic Wizard (which just means that person gets the grand prize of a $35 Barnes & Noble gift card in addition to the ORIGIN ARC and swag).

Make sense?

The instructions are included in more detail below. Be sure to read them all! There are some rules I didn't mention above that you need to be aware of. If you have any questions or difficulty entering, post it in the comments section below and I'll work quickly to resolve any issues.

Thanks and good luck!

PS. It may look complicated but it's really not.

Trust me. 

To start things off, you must use the Rafflecopter form below to "like" my Facebook page. You MUST do this to be eligible to win, simply because it gives me an extra way to get hold of you if you DO win. =)

1. Check this post to find out the judge for the day. Follow the link to the Pinterest page belonging to that judge. (you shouldn't need a Pinterest account to view pins.)

2. Select one picture from any of the judge's boards.

3. Write a 500-character-maximum story or description about the picture, based on the judge's chosen topic. BE CREATIVE! (and remember--up to 500 CHARACTERS, not 500 words. Big difference, people. Also, this includes spaces!)

4. Email ME (Jessica Khoury, NOT the judge!) with the story and either the picture itself or a link to it. (my email is

5. You may submit one unique entry each day (maximum five entries total) at one entry per judge. Contest closes at midnight on August 17! For each entry you submit, you MUST Tweet about the giveaway (use the Rafflecopter form below to tweet).

6. At the end of each day, I'll post all the entries to a designated board on MY Pinterest, so you can browse the entries. Each day will have its own board, labeled with the name of the judge for that day.

7. At the end of the week, the contest will close and the judges will choose their favorites from the entries you wrote for their days (each person can only win once, so there will be four unique winners). Entries will be posted anonymously; your name will not be attached to the entry unless you win. (In the event there is a tie, and one person's entries are chosen more than once, judges will begin to draw from runner-up choices so there will be five unique winners).

8. Winners and their entries will be posted on Wednesday, August 22 here on my blog, and winners will be notified by email. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND WITHIN 7 DAYS OF WINNING, YOUR PRIZE WILL BE FORFEITED. So check your email, folks.

9. Questions? Leave them below and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

10. HAVE AT IT. 

note: some of your formatting may be lost when posted to Pinterest, so be sure your entry does not rely too heavily on fancy formatting.

Oh, and hey--this contest IS open internationally!

These will give you an idea of how to write your entries.

Jessica Khoury
author of

Michelle Rowen
Morgan Rhodes
author of






Oh, and PS... 
Be sure to stop back here next week. Starting on Monday, August 20, I'm opening an even bigger contest/giveaway! As in BIGGER PRIZES. So don't you dare miss out.

Bye now!
Good luck.

(NOTE: the Rafflecopter form is being used only so you can track your Tweets and record them here. Tweeting does NOT constitute an entry; you MUST complete the Pinterest challenge to be considered for the contest. Each entry must be accompanied by a Tweet, which is completed below. Winners will be chosen by the judges based on the Pinterest entries, not at random by Rafflecopter. Questions? Ask in the comments.)

*PinFic (noun): a 500-character piece of fiction, meant to be posted on Pinterest

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  1. Are we allowed to enter if we don't have a Pinterest? lol I have no idea how to even use Pinterest... But this contest looks AWESOME! I love writing.

    1. Yes, you can totally enter! You don't need a Pinterest account to browse the Pins (though after this contest you might find yourself wanting to make one! ;-)

  2. *shakes head* tsk tsk, Jess. Putting yourself first, are we now? What did I tell you about people who put themselves first?

    ... oh wait, I said they were awesome like Pia. Ah DARN IT. This was clearly all a ploy to get me to admit that you're awesome, isn't it? -____________________-


  3. Dang it. I LOVE this idea, but unfortunately for me I don't have a Twitter thingy.

  4. this contest is restoring my love of writing...I haven't written since I took this creative writing class last semester...and my teacher...who calls her self this big author (Jane Bradley...she's very you never heard of her)...ANYWAYS...she was all..."just say stuff"...but I don't like to just say..."she died"...or "he hated her" me that's not creative...and uh...IDK...but she just killed my love of writing...anyways...this makes it fun again

    1. Diana, this makes me so happy to hear! I hope you go on after this contest and continue to rediscover your passion for writing. =)

  5. I just saw this! Can I still enter Monday- Wed.'s? Or do those have to be submitted at the end of each day??

    I LOVE this contest and had a BLAST on your last pinfic contest!


    1. Hi Peggy! Unfortunately I have to close each day at midnight, so we don't get overwhelmed with submissions! But please enter for Thurs/Fri if you can! =)

    2. Thanks, I will do that!

  6. ARGH. I am a Tweeting idiot. I forgot to tweet yesterday's entry, then tweeted tonight's after I sent it in, but it was after midnight, so I'm guessing that means that Rafflecopter won't let me tweet tomorrow's. So even though I submitted (or will be submitting) entries for all five days, does that mean only 3 of them will count? I'll try for a tweet on the Rafflecopter tomorrow, but I'm guessing it won't let me (I'm on Central time here and keep forgetting that the contest is in EST). I'M SORRY FOR BEING SOCIAL MEDIA IMPAIRED.

    1. Just send your tweet and be sure to mention me; I'll see it and know! No worries. =)

    2. Thanks! Here's the url for my un-Rafflecoptered tweet (looks like it WILL let me do one more through the widget, so YAY!) That'll make all 5 days. LOVING these entries!

  7. UGH I am also a tweeting idiot. Missed my window yesterday, but I have to say this contest is a FANTASTIC writing exercise. I'm going to continue to do it after to keep the stories flowing. Plus it's addictive and fun.

  8. So, I have to tweet my entry? What?

    1. No you don't have to tweet an entry! Just tweet about the giveaway.